A lightweight, full-featured alternative to Adobe Reader to view your PDF files.


Go PDF Reader is a lightweight, open-source alternative to other PDF reading tools, including Adobe Reader.

It may not have all the functions and features that you enjoy in similar tools, but it will open much faster and will take up much fewer resources than those other full-featured PDF readers.

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Regardless of its size, it will surprise you with the level of functionality it offers.

Despite its name, Go PDF Reader not only opens PDF files, but also other not-so-obvious types of documents. These include XPS (an XML-based type of document very similar to PDF), DjVu (specifically designed to distribute high-resolution images through the Net), and CBZ/CBR, two of the most widely used archive files for the distribution of scanned comics (which use ZIP and RAR as archive file format, respectively).

The look and feel of the interface will surely remind you of Adobe’s PDF Reader (including the design of the buttons in the menu bar). When it comes to the way the PDF document is displayed, the functions available are the roughly the same you would expect in any other PDF reader – zoom in and out, page number, word search, etc. It will also allow you to add favorites and bookmarks, and show in a side panel the corresponding lists. But, as said before, functionality is not what makes this open-source tool a serious competitor for other PDF reading tools, but the facts that it starts up almost immediately and that it requires very few of your system’s resources while running. Enough to give it a try.


  • Lighter than Adobe Reader
  • Requires very few computer resources


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Comments on Go PDF Reader
3 years ago

Note that the reader does not appear to support the fill-in for forms that are published in the PDF format. This may not matter to some users, but I would consider it to be a "con".

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